Master looking for the right female slave

Mark Gee (42)

13601 Watertown, United States
I am a relaxed master, willing to go slow at first then pick up when we get to know each other. I am willing to train slow, and be more sexual as you get used to being a sub/slave. I know about taboos, BDSM, and others. In time looking for a sub to do things on cam. When we start, you can ask questions, concerns, you will not be my sub/slave till you cum and moan for me and beg for more.
Email/, Skype: geeworks61676, KIK: domsirg
1. SOME THINGS I WANT A SUBMISSIVE TO DO FOR ME. (Everything is negotiable and can be discussed.) Writing detailed reports on tasks and activities. Some control of clothing only when alone. Rules and routines. Playing challenging games I make up involving your like’s dislikes and some punishments that will make you choose your own fate. Be open and honest about yourself and your communication with me as I think honesty is the bases of a good relationship. As I get to know you better I will find what your likes and dislikes are and make more tasks to suit.
First off will give you masterbation tasks
When ready some anal, public, private tasks; for example showing off thru a window, or masterbation in a public restroom.
some sexual tasks when ready, like with friends and others
I like for you to tell me how you feel in your reports, have fun, and be turned on.
When you are comfortable with me, musts are a webcam.
Video and pictures, when you are comfortable too
1. Name, Age, Sex 2. Where you are located and what time zone. 3. A little bit about yourself. 4. Your likes, limits, anything else I should know about you. 5. What are your thoughts on how this will work. 6. Your experience level. 7. Do you live alone or with people. 8. Tell me why you want to be my submissive and what you can offer me.
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