25 year old, experienced wealthy dom for female sub

Wes (25)

My name is Wes. I'm a 25 year old, dominant male from the Netherlands.

I'm a strict but fair dom.. with over 6 year of experience.. both online and offline.. I'm very open minded and got room for all kind of kinks. I'm a wealthy guy that likes to use woman as sex objects and toys for his own advantage.. You will do and say as I please.. I will control every inch of your sex life and more if you desire.. In our first contact we'll discuss a few terms and after that.. you're all mine..

If you behave, follow my rules and do my every bidding.. you might be selected for my special program which will involve a VIP treatment.. like buying you sex toys to use.. lingerie.. you name it..

Are you up for the challenge?

*pictures are a few samples of subs that I own. Note that I only post pictures of you or other subs when approved forehand in terms*
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