Searching for a dominant lady

Marius (21)


My name is marius and Im from Germany (Gmt +1) . Im 21 years old and Im a student.
As you do, Im searching for a serious long term relationship. I want to have nice talks as I want to entertain you. I would really like to build a friendship but it will be your choice where the focus has to be.

My appearance: Im 185cm high and I have 110 kg at the moment. I know thats not the best shape but I work out again to look nice in the next few months. My eyes are brown. In germany we say brown eyes are dangerous but honest haha. My hair has normal length and is brown too.

a little bit information about my live outside of getdare:
I really love music. I play the drums for 12 years now. I hope I can find a band in the next few months. I dont have a favorite kind of music, I like everything that grooves and is exciting to listen to. Also you know about my love to techno and everything that is braught by that^
As I like music I like going out into the nature. Listening to birds and bathing in the the sun lol. That would be a perfect day with the right people.
There is so much more I can tell you about me but Im also interested in you. I really would like the get you to know better than now

Now to my likes/dislikes/limits:
Likes: Anal, humiliation, clothing control,feminization, nipple play, cum control,beging for something, getting tasks over the day, rules that I've to follow, pet play (Im very unexperienced in that but I would try that) name calling, toilet control, role playing, lighr cbt, light pain (Im still open for more) ;) and hidden public :-) I also like chastity and bondage.
What I mostly like is giving control to you.
Dislikes: ass to mouth, full public, short time sessions
My limits:
Friends, blackmailing, social media, family, blood, scat, diapers, very messy things
My biggest turn offs are scat and blood.

Why should I be your slave? And what makes me a good slave?
I think If you really want somithing longterm Im the right slave for you. I have enough freetime and Im willing to give you the full control over me. Im honest, zealous and faithful! But you have to know that Im a little bit stubborn sometimes. I wonder If you can break my will ?

Yes I also have some toys:
2 dildos, a prostate massager, an electric stimulator, some clamps, a chastity belt,a but plug, a vibrating plug,rope, a vibrator, and Im willing to buy evertying I need if I have the money.

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