slave seeking master for their use

Connor (24)

I dont want anything super formal like having to say sir/ master after every line. It makes things feel so robotic, unnatural and plain old boring. I want someone I can have a conversation with. and not worry so much what needs to be included in every line. I also hate impatient people. If you cant wait 30 seconds for a reply we will not get along very well. I can get busy at times and be forced away from my screen or phone for 5-10 minutes, if you cant handle that we wont be a good match.

I live in est timezone and am available 8pm -3 am est almost everyday with little to no dictations, before that I however can get busy and reply's may be more sparse etc.

My main kinks right now have been online exposure, crossdressing (limited attire) and some bladder play, I have lots of other ones but I figured I should just mention a few here.

I've always loved other people seeing me. And its a huge turn on losing control ( in a safe way) and have anyone see me and random people i dont know messaging me about it. I also love the amount of control it gives to my partner. I've also always like the Idea of being pimped out to others to service, etc.

Cross dressing was my first big kink and what started me into everything else. I love the feeling of panties and stocking and feel sexy wearing them. Though I dont have a ton of space or options for wearing so I dont wear all that often.

Bladder play is a kink i love some days and like less others but the desperation aspect is what really turns me on to it. And with it I have grown a liking to diapers as well.

Well If I sounds interesting to you please feel free to contact me here, or by kik: sakurai123
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