submissive Tgurl seeking 24/7Owner/daddy for permanent household

kellie (29)

41101 ashland kentucky, United States
passable, feminine, smooth, transsexual girl is looking for permanent ownership with a strong man anywhere in the United States. I will allow relocation of just me upon choosing you as my owner. I have blue eyes, natural long blond hair, complete bottom.only. I believe that men are superior to women and i'm seeking to be properly trained, guided, kept at the feet of men. I think that men walk, women crawl, and that a girl should dedicate her life to being feminine, obedient, and induldge in activities that women should be.

I'm looking for men who wish to own a girl like me, and force femininze me any and all ways you would seem fit and desirable as your property. Meaning, i will undergo any surgical procedure with out complaint and become whatever you want me to be. Im looking for strong powerful men who enjoy turning his slave into a living fucktoy...once i choose you, then i belong to you in all ways and will accept all training, humiliation, etc. that you require.

Im into almost everything sexually and think women should be trained early to serve, please and worship the man who owns her. I want to be trained to be as perfect as i can be, domestic or sexual. I'm also into other sexually taboo things i should not mention here. just ask. Women are beneath the foot of men and animals. Its my opinion only....
Men should be men and women are to be women and accept and be happy in her place. I ask for a real dominant man who will take time to train me his way, surgery, and
be responsible like a real owner would be. I can spot a fake...

If your real and serious, and you want to take time to discuss things, then please reply back. Don't be impatient. My choice is my one true final choice and i won't be harrassed. I take this life seriously and have been alone and without purpose for a couple of years now. ask me anything okay? i have nothing to hide and expect the same for you. If interested, contact me through my e mail and i will get back within a day.

I am for real, and this is what i want out of my become a true bimbo fuckdoll, belonging to my owner who will make me his. Please bimboize me and enslave me as your willing petgirl.
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