22 Nerdy CD/Sissy looking for long-term online Master

Nerdy CD Slave (22)

I'm an open-minded nerdy twink with a skinny feminine body, and a closet crossdresser/sissy. I'm looking for a real serious Master for long-term who is actually kinky to own me as a slut to corrupt, make me serve and please him with only a few limits that I am willing to push. I have webcam and phone as digital camera. I don't require to see my Master at all.

My likes/curiosities as far as I am aware:
My Master's likes which can be anything. (I like to hear them though.)

My limits (I'd be willing to push some of these at a point):
Full face in the beginning (maybe with filters and such)
Scat to mouth
Full public

Important information:

I am now in the process of moving to a different place (from parent's house) to be on my own and have much more privacy and personal space. Therefore, I had to get rid of all the clothing/toys I previously had; and I am going to re-build a collection from scratch as soon as I settle down and I'd like to be owned before so my Master can decide on the right things for me to get, and I can have them ready to be shipped.
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