11207 NEW YORK, United States
The love of BDSM has always played a leading part in My life.

During My childhood I
fantasized about confinement and bondage games.

In My teenage years My first boyfriends had to
suffer for it.

It gave Me a wonderful feeling
to tie them up and torture their nipples.

The following years My desire
for domination and power became greater and fiercer.

During My years of at the
university I often visited SM-parties in order to appease My insatiable hunger
for BDSM.

After My studies opportunities
that could tempt Me as an architect were not immediately offered to Me. Or
maybe My passion for BDSM was already too prominent.

Slaves who can find the
strength to experience pain as pleasure, just by looking into My compelling

Slaves who from their heart
acknowledge and worship My dominance.

It is always nice to explore
all possibilities with novice slaves, and afterwards choose a road to follow

According to My slaves and
sluts it feels very natural to serve Me., partly due to My personality and
appearance, partly to the composure of my voice.

Being a Mistress is more than
just a hobby or a passion; it is a way of life; it is just being I.

I am not the type of Mistress
who will yell at slaves or humiliate them severely just to make an impression, use
rather a touch of humor. But be aware though, I will have the last laugh.

It goes without saying that I
require respect, courtesy and hygiene, just as you may expect the same from Me.

If you are interested MESSAGE ME ON KIK WITH RESPECT !! username is
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