Cocky jock iso Mistress for humiliation/verbal abuse/exposure!

Ben Hanson (29)

I appear to be a dominant alpha male to all of those around me (including my girlfriend), but my previous Mistress pimped me out on Craigslist forcing me into becoming a cocksucker and cum whore for random strangers. I have numerous private pictures of my cum covered face from these Craigslist exploits and am searching for a Mistress to post them all over the internet to expose, humiliate, and ultimately put me in my place.

Basically, each assholes cock I sucked off she ordered I return with pictures of their load all over my face. She threatened to send them to my girlfriend, so the hole got deeper and deeper, I basically got used as a Craigslist cocksucker and cum slut for free over and over again.

I have deleted them many times but always ended up removing them from the recycle bin. I have considered posting them myself, but I know I will bitch out and take them down shortly after I post them. Now, here I am begging to be exposed, humiliated, insulted, and degraded for the whole world to see.

I keep telling myself that I am not a cocksucker and that I just made some mistakes. I just have come to crave being humiliated, exposed, and verbally humiliated/insulted by others. If you think you have what it takes to put me in my place let me know!

KIK: Dacockyjock3
Skype: Susanscocksucker
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