Little Girl seeking Daddy

Vanessa Bridges (29)

76120 Fort Worth, United States
Hi! My name is Vanessa (yes that’s an alias to protect my career) and I am currently searching for a Daddy Dom in real life and hopefully turn it into a relationship (bf/gf) while living the dynamic.

I have a long history of sexual abuse, molestation, and PTSD. I know I’m damaged goods but I am a very sweet girl just looking for someone to work with me and be my partner.

I am a teacher in north Texas...I have taught elementary for five years now and I really like it but my true passion is singing and writing. I’m currently working on children’s books that will hopefully get published! I love animals and I have four dogs!

I typically look for men from the age of 34 to 50 but just write me and we will see where it goes. I have run into people wanting verification that I am the girl in the pictures and I do not mind sending a simple personalized photo or video to say hello. If you contact me, please be respectful and do not treat me like a toy. That has to be earned.
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