Slave in search of Mistress

Slave Chad (30)

17046 Lebanon, United States
So I guess I should start with a little bit about myself. I've been exploring the lifestyle for over a decade now and been more active for the last 5 years or so. I've had a few online Doms but only 2 that were anything nearing serious. As hard as it is for a Mistress to wade through the countless wannabe slaves, it seems just as hard to find a Mistress that is serious and reasonable in their relationships.

I do have one past Mistress that I could probably get to send a review if needed. We ended on good terms, our schedules just got very out of sync.

This is something I take very serious. It's easy to find something short and fun but much harder to find something long and meaningful. I do have an outside life that includes a job and responsibilities but I am still very serious about having a meaningful relationship.*

Looking For:
I can't say that I have this image of a perfect Mistress in my head. I've had too many different Mistresses with good qualities to not appreciate all the differences that each individual can bring to the table.

I do want someone that is strict and demanding. That wants me put in my place and under their control. I don't want to be left off the hook. This is about You and Your desires. I am here for You and I want a Mistress that won't forget this.

Daily Control
Online Blog/Journal
Cum Play

Water sports
Extreme Pain

Social Suicide

Time Zone:
Eastern -5 GMT

Final Thoughts:
I've found that after a certain amount of information people stop paying as close attention to detail, so I'm going to end this post.

Kik: mcflyer12
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