I'm only looking for open-minded willing to learn this lifestyle

Princess Nicole

Hello there I'm Princess Nicole Well I am only looking for open minded, willing to learn on this lifestyle, willing to be on my control and willing to submit without any hesitation.

I am not a cold hearted scowling Domme I do not march around shouting, I do not need to raise My voice to have you under My control. I have a calm, powerful & strong presence.I am, quite rightly, selective about who I spend My time with. If you are looking for a 'pantomime Domme' you are in the wrong place. If you are granted time in My presence you will be serving a real Woman, never predictable, I can be fun, seductive and teasing but I do expect you to be respectful at all times.

I want to know each other 1st, sharing more pictures and to tell more on this. I hate wasting time.
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