22 year old submissive male seeking a dominant female of any age

Fred (22)

Before anything else let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I’m a 22 year old university student, scientific computing(not the same as computer science)/engineering, from a gmt+1/bst+1 country(only timezone should really matter since I’m only interested in online). In my free time I meet friends watch series/movies/youtube, play the guitar or video games. While I do like to cook being a student means I have to constrict my recipes to those on the cheaper end, no fillet mignon for breakfast exactly. To give you a mental image I’m a 6’8” male with blond hair and blue eyes, pale skinned(though tanned during sumemr) and while not overweight having been at my parents for a month have given me a pound or two extra, though I’ve started excercising and will get a gym membership in september.

How I imagine this
Now for something a bit more exciting namely how I see an online relation work. Let’s start with communication, while I do understand and agree why kik is great for live chatting and skype being good for cam sessions that’s not how contact will work, at least not from the start. Due to my life, studies and friends, I have a busy schedule changing from week to week having a set time each day for sessions becomes impossible. They will start to become a chore in themselves no mtter how good they are. That’s why contact will be primarily through email at the start, I could see kik being used pretty early to complement email. Email would be used at the start to set rules and to give tasks, which I then can complete when I have the time though obviously as quickly as possible and before any deadlines. I think email would be the supperior method for contact so as to not having several occasion on which I have to say ”sorry I’ve got no time right now” since that will guarantely lead to dissapointment. However email means barely no live sessions and I’m not opposed to having them it’s just that they have to be scheduled well in advance, at least a week or two, as for just chatting that might be something which could be arranged with just a day or two notice.

Let’s now move on to the second majort part namely how I report after completion of a task. Each report will at the very least be a detailed description. As for pictures/videos I’ve had some bad experience with people wanting me to send nude pictures at the start and after having talked a bit more about trust and such, say for 10 minutes, have demanded a naked picture including face. Same goes for videos they have degenerated into potential Doms wanting me to send them videos of me masturbating while moaning their name. That’s why at the very start you’ll simply have to trust me that I do your task, after all I’m trusting you to want to be my Dom and not just get off and dissapear. However I’m not opposed to pictures as proof and after trust have been built proof of things like spankings etc. can be provided, though no face. Videos however are a bit harder for me to do, I’ve tried film spankings but that’s never worked out however filming mouthsoapings have worked so it’s more case by case.

When it comes to my kinks I believe some of them needs a bit more explanation. First Neutral means that I have no particular opinion either way about it and punishments are things I’ve had to do and think is more suitable as punishments rather than regular tasks. I’d say that most of my likes, dislikes etc. are self explanatory however some might need a bit more explanation.

Enemas appear in two places as a like there’s confortable water enemas, I’ll never do alcohol or coffe enemas, which I find arousing. These enemas can be spiced up with for example some soap and having to hold for a period of time. Enemas can however also be punishing by increasing the amount of soap, adding other irritants etc. and increase the time to hold hence why it’s under punishment as well.

Humiliation is why I’d prefere a female Dom or if male him being older. I’d divide humiliation into subcategories, first are public things like standing naked at the window or having visible marks, writing, while being outside. These falls into the limit of public. Next are semi public things like taking a walk with a butt plug. Thses would have to be discussed on a case by case basis but could go into the love part. Writing on my body is firmly planted in the neutral part as in I’ll do it without hessitation but it does nothing for me. Name calling is inside my loves especially if it’s a bit more creative then just bitchboy etc. What really shines however is humiliation which also includes control, such as having to use female shampoo/hygiene products assuming humiliating positions etc.

Finally we come to the most important aspect namely the rules and control. This is a major turn on for me, knowing that someone controlls each and every part of my day, which is why I want to explain it a bit more in detail. When it comes to controll I’m willing to give up basically most while still being able to lead my life as before, so no controll over who I can meet or talk to and no handing over of social media accounts or bank accounts. At the very least toilet, shower, masturbation and bedtime will be in controll of you and hopefully this will be expanded with more. The next part are rules these I’d divide into three parts. First is permanent rules which Includes things like no masturbation unless allowed, things always in effect. Next are miscellaneous ones one example could be ”sleep with legs tied tonight” short rules for a task or two. Finaly we have temporary ones which could wary for how long they are in effect and could be used to spice things up a bit an example could be having to eat from the floor for a week but then go back to normal. Obviously I’m not saying this is exactly how it needs to be and I’d be more than willing to discuss how this would be done with you.

About you
Finally we come to you the potential Dom. If contact stays purely though mail then timezone/location doesn’t matter at all however if kik would ever be used then timezones closer to mine would be preferable. Anyone who thinks they’d be a good fit is welcome to contact me however if you’re a male you must be older than me so 23+. Females will be given higher priority and aren’t required to be older than me, being controlled by a youger female(but don’t contact me if you’re not at least 18) is a thing I find arousing and humiliating, however experience weighs as much as age so an older but more experienced female would have the same chance as a younger but less experienced one. Since I’m not going to send pictures from the very start I don’t expect any pictures from you either, nor will I if I start to send proofs. As for likes/dislikes there’s obviously better the more we share them, I’m however open to testing most things not in my limits, but the most important part is that you love setting rules and controll your subs life and aren’t afraid to punish if a transgression would happen.

How to contact
If all of this sounds interesting then send either an email to ApplyToFred@outlook.com or through here, I won’t give out my kik since I’ve had some bad experience with doing that. In the message/mail you should at least state your age, sex, name/nickname (what I should call you) and likes/dislikes/limits. I’d appreciate, and give preferable treatment, if you also told me a bit more about you, previous experience, what you’d expect from this, how you want it to look like (daily contact/once a week, using an online schedule or planing through email etc.) and timzone etc.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love: Spanking (mild-moderate), humiliation, following rules/giving up control, masturbating, masturbation control, chastity, bladder control.

Like: Anal, Ice, light bondage, wax play, light pain, enemas, forced excercise

Neutral: Humiliation

Dislikes: Piss play, messy

Interested in testing: Pet-play.

Writing lines, mouthsoaping, corner time/stress positions, hard spankings, enemas.

I’ve had two online Doms in the past though sadly non of them became long time due to things happening in their lives, to this I’ve had some way shorter ones which became too pushy for naked pictures way too early.

Public, Illegal, permanent, blood, social.suicide/family/friends, financial domination blackmail, shit, vomit.
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