Experienced Dom seeks female for training

Ryan (30)

Ontario, Canada
I am a dominant male with high sex drive who is seeking a female submissive or slave. I have particular interest in women between who may be perceived as being 'innocent', while secretly harboring perverse desires.

My goal is to find an eager submissive or slave for a committed and ongoing D/s relationship built around strict online training.

Given that such a relationship will be taking place mostly in written form and through messaging apps, I am looking for an articulate and intelligent woman. Someone capable of introspection into her own feeling and desires a well as someone who can communicate such thoughts and desires both clearly and openly.

I'm looking for someone with a strong desire to please; who yearns to be owned and led. A sexy, cultivated and intelligent young woman in her own right who will be taken and trained as my fuck toy, my slut, and my play thing.

My #1 kink is control. All of my other kinky desires stem from my craving for various forms of control over another. I love to assign various rules for my slave to follow. These would be a required element of your training, and would serve to remind you of your place as well as to further your own training through your adherance to them on a daily basis. These rules would of course be catered to you as an indivual and your particular life circumsances. That being said, I do have several favourite rules that I enjoy. As you progress and grow comfortable with your initially assigned rules, more rules may be assigned, or existing rules modified in order to further your progression and training. I take such rules quite seriously, and and such there would be strict consequences for any 'slip-ups'/broken rules. Again, I do realize that my submissive has a life of their own, and as such my rules would not prevent you from living it. They are more tailored to modify the way you do, or don't do, certain things throughout your day.

While I do have sadistic side, I'm not partial to satiating it only through pain.. but I'm very creative and will always be coming up with new ways to make you squirm.

My likes (guaranteed interests): control, bondage, collars, orgasm control, edging, denial, ass play, gags, begging, rules, humiliation, degradation, uniforms, toys, objectification, sexual tortures, obedience training, hidden public.. to name a few.

Dislikes (no interest/no thank you): diapers/age play, beating, flogging

Limits (not happening): blood, knife play, needles, family, illegal, scat, permanent

Wants to try (if you're into these, let me know ): blackmail, chastity, enemas, kept in cages/crates/closets

So, you've made it this far. If anything I've said has piqued your interest, don't hesitate to send me a message.
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