male sub seeks master or mistress

Rose (24)

I am 24, male, from Canada (timezone is EST) I am about 5'10" tall, 170 lbs (lost 20 pounds yay). I'm shy, I'm awkward, that being said I'm also goofy, cute and always happy to cuddle and please!

In kink I consider myself more of a middle/ little, but I also have some pet, submissive and maybe a little bit of a bratty side to me as well. I really enjoy the more nurturing side of it. I like to feel cared about me and want to protect me. I also want to be able to have a normal talk with you outside of kink

Likes: diapers, Light age play, Light pet play, Exposure, humiliation, Degradation (only if I know you), Discreet public, being a slut, rules, Dice dares, Chance, hypnosis, crossdressing, feminisation, being controlled, bladder control, denial, cbt, chasity, bondage, bathroom control, wax

Dislikes: Messy, Corner time, Lines, cum eating, lots of pain

Limits: anal, scat, public, family, face
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