Serious and committed slaves needed

Misbrenda (33)

89101 Las Vegas, United States
I am willing to train "new" submissive with little or no previous BDSM experience, IF they are truly dedicated and compatible to my needs. I am not interested in online or cyber relationships, nor in anyone with lots of emotional or psychological baggage and my slaves must follow my pervert demands!
As well they must show themselves as generous as possible in order to deserve my feet!
I am also seeking a LTR with the person. In public he will be my prince. We will look like a perfect couple and not be afraid to show our love for each other. In private he will be in my ownership. I am able to provide him with a good life full of fun and excitement. He should be willing to strike a good balance between vanilla and the kink. We spend most of time in vanilla surroundings so the connection we have here will be most important. We have a public persona that is just as important as what goes on behind closed doors. We will make sure that we please each other in every way not just in BDSM but also in real life. He will be treated in a loving way whichever persona we are in. My life is stable. I would be looking for long/life time commitment and having a family if the time/mood/situation was right.
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