Sub in search of something real.

slave john (31)

- I was going to do what I've always done with these types of posts. I was going to copy my general post, refine it a bit to update what I'm looking for and hope for the best. But as I started to do it, I realized that it just hasn't been working. And maybe that's because I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. And really, how can you know what that perfect match looks like until you find it? So I'm just going to use this space to talk about what I do know about myself and what I'm looking for and hope that I find someone who is compatible.

About Me:
- I am 31, been divorced for about 3 years and live on my own, unless you count my nephew who occasionally crashes at my house. I have a stable job with fairly stable hours. I also coach a local travel soccer team and spend a fair bit of time with my family. I run 3-4 times a week to keep in shape. I also enjoy going to the movies, eating out(yeah, that was a double entendre) and playing video games when I get the chance. I like to stay active, I'm not very good at sitting around unless I'm reading a good book. I also take a night class once a week for my work.

Me as a Submissive:
- For me, this is who I am. I truly feel like I am being who I am meant to be when I am serving another. It's cliche but in the rest of my life, I am normally the one in charge or making most of the decisions. And while I can handle that, I also know that isn't who I am to be. I long to find someone that I can serve. That I can dedicate myself to and give my all to their pleasure. I crave structure and control. And I also like to be pushed. I want to the be the best sub that I can be and I know that we grow the most through adversity. So I want to have my boundaries pushed and expanded. I want to find out just what my limits truly are and just what I am capable. I can be very opinionated about certain things but also am very good at listening and taking direction. I am also very hard working and will always put everything I can into what I am doing.

-I am willing to send pictures and videos but I do like to build some trust before I just send a ton of compromising photos to someone I don't even know.

-Daily Control

-Water Sports

-Social Suicide

Time Zone:
-Eastern -5 GMT

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