Brian (33)


I am a single dominant man that is intrigued by the BDSM scene and am actively searching for a submissive woman to start a long term relationship with.

After perusing both submissive women and dominant mens profiles, I have noted some very large disconnects between the two groups.

At first glance, I have seen a multitude of men who appear to neither understand nor have any business being a dominant. Many seem to believe that if a woman is submissive she is willingly relegating herself to being treated like shit, is a slut or whore and are only focusing on the sexual facet of domination which in truth is a fraction of what a healthy DomSub relationship is composed of.

On the female end, I see many women that seem to grasp fully what a DomSub relationship entails and are frustrated by the overwhelming number of men that are here only to use them in a purely sexual fashion for their own benefit, which again is NOT what being a dominant is about. If youre not connecting emotionally, the sexual aspect becomes meaningless.

On a personal level, I truly love women as a gender the soft skin, silky hair, well manicured bodies, and the beauty and delicacy exhibited throughout the feminine body.

I dont believe in treating women or anyone like shit, and feel that no matter what your relationship or sexual desires are, respect should always be exhibited.


I am at the age in my life where I know what I want and am willing to pursue my goals until I reach them. I am an open minded individual and spent 6 years in the military traveling to 20 foreign countries and immersing myself in foreign cultures learning invaluable skills along the way.

I have dedicated my life to public service in the law enforcement sector and am well educated with a B.S. in sociology. I am very personable and enjoy the human interaction with all ages and ethnicities. I am always striving to learn more throughout my daily interactions and have found empathy to be one of the most important qualities a dominant can possess.

I have always been dominant, primarily due to the fact that I enjoy the challenge of leading others, whether it be at work or in my personal life.


TRUST, is the most important facet in any relationship and its truly a beautiful thing for a submissive to trust a dominant enough to be in control, to know that they will respect your desires and limits. Its about pushing boundaries without pushing too much.

RESPECT, is another hallmark in any relationship, as a dominant I would never do something that my submissive didnt like or force them in any way to do something that isnt consensual. A submissive should be comfortable with their dominant in the most intimate settings behind closed doors, and therefore they must be respected. To physically or mentally abuse someone creates fear, not respect.

I have also come to realize that a DomSub relationship is beneficial and healthy for both parties due to the opposing forces at play. As a dominant, I get a large amount of satisfaction and am fulfilled knowing that my submissive trusts and respaspects me both inside and outside of the bedroom and is relying on me for guidance to lead them.

On the flip side, many submissives get the same satisfaction and fulfillment from the act of pleasing and taking care of their dominant, knowing that they are irreplaceable because they are familiar with every one of their dominants wants and desires and are willing to go to great lengths to provide overall happiness as only that submissive is capable of providing. This also gives the submissive a reason to take care of themselves, gives them meaning, that the dominant loves them and appreciates them to the point that they know they are worthwhile and wanted more than any other submissive out there.


I dont believe in slavery and want my submissive to be free and creative not just in our relationship, but in life in general. I am not one to micromanage nor am I seeking someone incapable of making their own decisions. I value intelligence and enjoy engaging in conversations and gaining different perspectives and understandings from opposing viewpoints.


I want a submissive that is attractive, that takes care of herself, the type that every guy wants when they see you together but only I can have.

Ideally, the submissives out there that want to be treated like a princess in the outside vanilla world, the ones that everyone assumes are dominant, but secretly have an overwhelming desire and passion to be submissive with a dominant that they trust behind closed doors.

Finally, I have written a very long profile but I felt it was necessary to not only educate, but also to highlight why I am a dominant and how I differ from the thousands of cookie cutter profiles on here. I have talked very little about my sexual desires because I believe they are secondary to trust and respect which must be established first in order to create an emotional connection. I view being submissive as a personality trait not a label that many men assume has some sort of correlation between being a slut or wanting to be treated like shit which is inaccurate in its entirety.

If you are interested in getting to know me and potentially becoming my submissive feel free to send me a PM and we will go from there. I am looking forward to meeting a conversing with anyone that feels they would be an ideal submissive and willing to have me as their dominant. I am also open to submissives that are willing to relocate, as the area I live in is beautiful but largely lacking in the BDSM scene.

Thanks for reading!
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