Male slave looking for Mistress / master

Ville (33)

Hello Masters and Mistresses,

I am a slut that likes to submit and be forced into cbt and also crossdressing for amusement of my superior. Hidden public and detailed instructions will also turn me on. Consensual blackmail can be discussed in order to make reasonable motivation and/or power exchange.

I am looking for Master or Mistress for following objectives:
1. Amuse and excite You with my submission and suffer in reports and maybe in webcam.
2. Increase my toy and clothe collection with preference of my Master or Mistress.

Mistresses can motivate me with their female divinity and Masters with clear alpha status over me.

Limits are not black and white, but I will not risk permanent bodily harm or privacy.

You can contact me via kik "cbt_painslut".

Please ask if I missed any relevant detail.

In addition, I was dared to expose myself and also share the link here to increase the stakes, share, comment and extent:
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