mistress cherie (28)

97201 oregon, United States
I am a strict and dominant Mistress i am looking for a slave that's ready to be tamed like a wild beast tamed to be a pet and never never look back on the past life.. If you are a professional and have been handling training, you will leave your ideas behind and live under my total dominant reign of terror. Terror in the sense that I am not ready for excuses!!! I want to use my slave as a slut,low life and object of degradation. If you have to come under me, you have to make up your mind to be TOTALLY dedicated to me, to own and use you as my property ,heart ,body and soul. You should have it ringing in your head constantly that serving me is an opportunity to have a life under my SUPREME DOMINATION because my knowledge of you and your body is perfect and my use for it is DOUBLE what you can ever imagine,you will enjoy every moment IF I TAKE THE LEAD with no complaints and no arguments.To my amusement, I will sexually tease you,train you and pamper you depending on your response to my SUPREME power. valentinecherie3110@mail.com
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