Master seeking submissive gay slave boy to OWN long term

Master Thomas

California, Anywhere
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I am a Master who is seeking a very submissive, slender gay boy 18-28, who knows he needs a Master to whom he can devote himself too. You should already know deep inside of you that it is your destiny to give yourself to a True Master in every way, mind and body.

Just to be clear I am not into games. I am very serious about finding a very submissive boy who knows he needs and wants to belong to someone, to be owned. A boy who is serious about giving up control to a Master who will take his time to train and mold him into the perfect boy. I am not looking for a one time thing or a six week trial or even a six month affair.

I am looking to own you and as such your training will not all happen overnight.

So if you are a very serious boy, who is not into games, but is very sincere about giving up control and being owned and wanting to find a Master that is just as serious, here are a few things you need to understand up front.

First, if you want to become mine, you will be leaving your old life behind and relocating after a period of getting to know each other is a real possibility.

Second, you need to understand that I intend to train and mold you to please me in every way. I am looking to fully develop your submissive side. You need to understand that I am going to break down any resistance you have and then re make you into a boy who will want to please me in every way. Part of what I intend to do is to ultimately take total control over you, in everything you do, so that everything you do, will be done in a manner to please me. Your focus will be on how you can please me.

So, if you truly want to develop a full relationship with a Master who will never throw you away, but rather will want to own and control you in every way, your mind and your body. A Master who will be just as devoted to training and molding you, both mentally and sexually, as you are to serving me, then I am the Master you are looking for.

If you are not serious about wanting to be owned by a True Master don’t waste your time or mine.

However, if you want to pursue this with me you need to fully respond to these questions below.

When you write back I want to know general things like your name, your age, how tall you are, what you weigh, what is your waist size? Do you have any tattoos or scars or piercings? If so, tell me about them.

Next I want to know about your sexual past. What you have done sexually or had done to you? You need to tell me anything and everything you think I should know at this point, including any limits you may have.

And just so you know, what you have done or had done to you will not affect my wanting to own you boy. Rather how open you are to me when you write back will tell me how serious you are about wanting to become mine.

Then make sure you include a face picture and at least one full body picture of you from the front and the side.

Put “i want to be owned” as the title of your email

Again, if you are not serious about pursuing this with me with the goal of ultimately being owned, don’t waste your time or mine by sending me a response that does not answer all of my questions or includes your pictures.

When I receive your response I will write back to you and tell you more about me and how I want to move forward with you.

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