20 y/o slave looking for Master

Niklas (20)

14059 Berlin, Germany
Hello Sir or Miss,

I am a 20 y/o student from Berlin, Germany. I live in a student from with a flat mate, but I have my own room. I'm bi, but nobody in my social circle knows that. I've not had any male sexual partners in real life, though.

I've had a few online encounters which, unfortunately, never went beyond a few days or a week or two. Although I am absolutely open for casual play, I'm equally inclined to find something long-term.

As mentioned, I've had a few online-play partners and explored a bunch of fetishes. The things I enjoyed most were orgasm denial and edging, bondage and being humiliated by being called a slut or through cuckold fantasies.

What I didn't enjoy that much but I'm up for if you're really into it, is cum play, piss play, food play, deep throating, anal play and cloth control.

Also there's to mention that I am somewhat embarrassed to be nude in front of other people. E.g. in the locker room or a communal shower or sauna. I did such things before and the humiliation always made me horny afterwards, but it is something I'd have to be pushed to do. Same for cum play.

What's out of the question for me is scat, cross dressing and hard pain as well as pee in my face. Of course anything that gets me in trouble or is dangerous or otherwise not safe or sane is also off the table.

I am willing to send pictures and also videos if you insist. I am somewhat reluctant to include my face, but I've done it before in some consensual blackmail play and maybe you can convince me to do it for you :-p

Please contact me by replying directly to this ad or by texting me on kik. I'm rarely online on Snapchat, but I can be if you want me to.

Please note, that English is not my first language, but I do my best to write comprehensibly. If I make mistakes, you can of course punish me :p
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