mistress like to meet new people

clara mama (31)

10009 miami, Anywhere
hello friends
I live in united state 31yrs old I believe in FemDom principals: 1. Respect for women. 2. Submission to female authority. 3. Female body worshipping. 4. Service to Mistress. 5. Obedience and disapline training. 6. Tease and denial. 7. Orgasm control. 8. Strap on training. 9. Humiliation 10. Feminization I would very much like to meet other Dominant women. I have been living the lifestyle a majority of the time I've been a meat Popsicle. I grew up in a bible thumping household so I didn't quite realize what the hell was going on till I was 13 and chatting online. I'd trained several of the people in my group at church but around that time I moved it to online since I had separated from the church. When I was 16 I moved it back to RT. I'm now 31 and I mix RT with online. I have learned many new things. Some I use with my slaves and others that though I acknowledge them I dont do them. Something that is most definite is that I am Sadistic. I love to tease and a bitch. I get into their minds...dancing my way into their hearts....and ripping out their soul. :) I do not own subs. I refuse to acknowledge limits that I myself don't have. I own slaves only. A few pay piggies thrown in as well. Slaves are property. They are not Men. They are not Women. They are not any different from a chair I sit on or anything else. I am a financial Domme. Tributes and gifts are required. You are welcome to message me but a few other things you should know. I am not submissive, a daughter, a mommy, a slave, or anything else. I am a Goddess through and through. My pictures may show me being goofy but don't take that as a sign of weakness.
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