female slave seeking a young owner

Anna (50)

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hi and welcome to my ad, i`ll try to keep things short and simple, i seek a long term online owner, preferably a Mistress, but i`m open to a Master also. my Owners ideal age would be up to 21, but, i`m open to my owner being older also. what i seek is an evil, sadistic and mean owner to own and control me.

huge bonus if the owner has a thing for fully fashioned stockings and feet!

so if that sounds like something up your alley, feel free to email me and tell me more about what you seek, and ideally about your plans for me if i`d become your slave. oh and don`t forget to tell me your age also please.
p.s. don`t hold back ;) ( i`ve had people email me in past thinking that candle wax and clothpins or such is sadistic, trust me, it`s miles away from that. )

oh and i`m in europe, just so you know, but, it doesn`t really matter timezone wise, i mean, if we click, we can make it work :)

and when we get to private emailing i can link my past ads on a few sites ( a lot of detailed info about me that i didn`t bother to write here just to keep it simple )

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