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Dan (19)

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in this msg I am just going strait into it, if you are interested, we can have more of a conversation after. All am looking ether long or short term relation, but must be committed if you are not a committed to the role of sub life then this is not for you.

Introduction about my self:
Yes I am, from Canada. Yes I am 19years old and have 2 and a half years of doming experience. My hight is about 6"", I have black hair, hazel eyes, and a tall nose bridge with a charming personality. I do enjoy bantering and just good old fashion talking. Other things that I do include going to the working out at a gym, I read novels, anime, and overall exploring new things. As you might guested already, I am a student and am currently studying.

About Me as a Dom:
I am a Dom or master or daddy etc. I am a very caring and patient as well, however I can be very. When we start you will find that I put the safety of my Subs first, and then my enjoyment second this may sound strange but too me it is very important in a D/S relationship. When it comes to doming we all have limits so I will respect all of yours limits as well. I have knowledge in almost any category of Doming and will happy to train/teach.

If you like what you are reading this far and wish to be my sub I do require a photo as proof (the photo does not require nudity unless you want to, and you are not required to show your face, it just for proof.) and to make it fair I will do the same.

BUT!! if this is still a problem, we can talk about it.

Rough example of Likes and limits for subs:
bondage, some humiliation, orgasm control, edging, pain, denial, anal, hidden public, pet play, e.t.c

Skat, illegal, dangerous, getting caught, non consent, liars, face, needles, blood. (mainly the limits the sub may have)

What type of sub I would like:
I am seeking a sub willing to have a strong D/S relationship. That's not the only thing I would like in a sub, I would like have normal chats, and not keep it the same thing, you do what I say and it's done, I would like to to get to know you as well.

I understand if some days one of us will be busier than the other other and can’t talk, and that's fine. Everyone has their reasons for being busy. However, if you're un able to give some time out of your day for this relationship I do not thing it will work out. Because if you're not fully committed to this type of life style, then I don't think the relationship would work out well for the both of us.

Location: I do hope that you live in a similar timezone, so that things can be easier. If this is a problem no worries!!, I am open to any sub from anywhere.

Please pm me back using this introduction application:


Your Age:

What Loves:

What Likes:

Your Hard Limits:

What you are (slave, pet, etc.):


Any health problems:

Your Looks:

Are you ok sending photos or videos:

Any equipment or items that you might have:

Why are you interested in being my sub?:

When would you like to start:

Your experience as a sub knowlage:

Forms of communication would you prefer email?:

You can pm me with any questions you may have any!!


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