Still Looking for a sub/toy/pet/(insert submissive role here)

Japan bhola singh (19)

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Looking for female sub anywhere but want one close by if I can, the insert thing is on purpose and I'm a total asshole. I'm sure you'll love it, yes I'm very sexual but I am looking for a relationship not JUST a fucktoy tho I do want you to be one. I'm strict, prefer small front and back, never was into the "bigger is better" thing prefers A or B cup.
Little bout me that's of interest:
I like to make you squirm and suffer
I enjoy hiking but need a reason to go so you better be that reason
Yes you're my slave but your input is important to me, have a I'd of your own but remember who owns you
I do allow my sub to "bribe" me to do things but you'd better be ready for a torturous task as the bribe
I hate everyone except my bestie, 2 others she knows and 2 guys I talk to. You have a problem with them, you have a problem with me. I can get another sub but not another bestie.
I'm lazy, you're my sub, connect the dots
Once you're owned by me I expect something on you to show it, a collar or a chastity belt. Something.
I make jewellery so you can get custom jewellery made
I'm not opposed to polygamy so ask me first
I like the number 5
I'm actually a switch but I only go into a sub mood with specific people, you will see me as a little during the relationship and I expect you to still act as my sub in that situation, even when I'm a child I'm in charge here
Potato is my favourite food
Flatties rule... choose justice not plot...
Yes your size matters, I don't care if it's fat shaming, you're fat shame on you. Social justice didn't sit well with me. I'm an egalitarian so as far as being human counts you're worth the same as me till you submit to me. If you're gay I'll mock you over it but that's just me joking, I do it all the time. If you're offended then go find a different master to cry to cuz I don't care about "offended" .
I'm hungry, go make me a sandwich (seriously I do love sandwiches so please make good ones)
Just message me for more details

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