seeking a strong, attractive, masculine man to serve, please & w

YourBlackGaySlave (44)

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am a very passionate, submissive gay bottom, i
love to passionately
suck big fat cocks and swallow their cum, I
also love to be
fucked hard and deeper and stronger by stronger
attractive hardcore
men who can make me feel their deep
intense power, control and
dominance over me. i want and desire very much
and very deeply to
worship a man, please him, and serve him
sexually. I long and want very much to treat him as a rare highly precious diamond or an absolute king in the palace.
i also love and enjoy doing house work (cooking,
cleaning, etc).
am seeking an attractive, strong dominant
man or master,
straight, bisexual or gay and who is sexually top. also
need him to take care of
my physical needs (food, housing, clothes and
medical care).

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