Male Seeking Somebody

Andy (31)

My name is Andrew, some people call me Andy. I am 31 years old, I work from home as a computer technician and web developer. Since I work from home there can be times when I am unable to do things because I have other people around. I am looking for somebody to chat to as well as be their slave.

I am married, my wife is extremely vanilla and isn't into this lifestyle like me, she has given me some pictures that I can share, post or whatever. My wife will not do requests if she wants to share more pictures and stuff that is up to her. She is aware that I enjoy this stuff but she will not participate on website or etc.

I enjoy cbt, worship, name calling, denial and much more. I have the ability to make websites and do blogs. I also want to read more as I am not the best reader. I have TeamViewer installed and ready. As above I am willing to post my wife's pictures that I have for people to comment and etc about her and even what they would do to her if she was into this. I have a webcam that I am willing to have on while working for people to see me, but I might not be able to do stuff like be naked unless I am alone or nobody is around. If you are a female or couple you are welcome to tease me while I am working. I was also bullied throughout my school life, it actually didn't bother me. I am also willing to have my computer controlled and or my wallpapers on my computer controlled. I am also interested in forced reading and being made to watch horror movies or etc. I also have an android tablet that I can install games and applications on if needed. I also need to workout more. I also have an XBox 360. I also have Skype. I am also willing to do writing tasks or typing tasks. I am also open to suggestions please feel free to contact me.
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