Devoted Slave looking for Goddess with no mercy

Daniel (17)

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Hi, my name is Daniel I'm 17 years old. I was always interested in being submissive to woman. I dont have a lot of experience in it and also I dont have any toys. But I promise you mistress. I will always do whatever you want wherever you want. I'm interested in ballbusting, banding, pissing, asshole traning, foot licking, humiliation, mockery me. My balls can get a lot of pain. I can do anything for you mistress you want do with them. Squeeze them, slap them, make them be flat, put needle in them, hit them by hammer, put them to hot water. I you have any questions just ask. If you would give me a chance I would make you happy by castrating myslef for you my beloved goddess. Give me no mercy. I deserve to be humiliated.

Only online sessions. And I also dont have a lot of money.

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